“Jendra was brought into our project because she had demonstrated the highest quality in cinematographic abilities.  What I did not expect was a leadership capability that rivaled any that I have seen in my capacity as CEO of a 45 year old defense contracting corporation that provides engineering support to the most sophisticated weapons platforms on the planet. 

The level of planning and attention to detail that Jendra employed allowed our production team to film two of our major scenes that involved well over 5000 athletes at two actual triathlons, one of which was only a couple of miles from the White House, on the Potomac River and on land managed by the National Park Service.  Through Jendra’s leadership, we were able to make our $1 million budgeted film easily look like a $20 million production. 

Jendra also demonstrated a managerial style that was very much like my own.  She made her intentions known to each of her staff members, and empowered them with the tools and resources they needed to achieve the desired effect. Jendra was extremely energetic, often volunteering to roll her sleeves up, get dirty, don a wetsuit or wear scuba gear to “get the shot.”  She would always bring a level of energy, vigor and positivity that permeated throughout the cast and crew.”
-Ted A. Adams, III, producer: “TRI

“Jendra is a force of nature! She has a powerful combination of right-brain and left-brain skills: the creativity and artistic prowess to deliver high-quality and unique imagery on the screen, combined with the innate ability to communicate, plan, analyze, and rationalize, which leads to not only a better result but a more organized production and team. 

Not only would I work with Jendra again in a heartbeat but I’m excited to watch her career soar in the future!”
– Stu Levy, Tokyo Pop productions, producer of “The Afters” and “Knockouts”

“I hope Lexus pardons me as I borrow their longtime slogan, because ‘The relentless pursuit of perfection’ can so easily be applied to Jendra Jarnagin. As a first-time producer, I cannot believe how truly blessed I was to have a DP with Jendra’s talents, expertise and professionalism on my shoot. The moment Jendra and I began to collaborate, the fears, apprehensions and questions I had about trusting my ‘baby’ with the right person, immediately went away.

To watch Jendra work is a marvel. I liken it to observing an old-world watchmaker craft an elegant timepiece – intricate, detailed, savvy, possessing a knowledge of the inner workings of all the moving parts, resulting in harmonious motion that can last a lifetime. In filmmaking, Jendra brings harmony to all of the moving parts of the medium- tone, color, lighting, emotion, all of the storytelling that happens between the words on the page. Jendra brought a vision and feel to ‘In Between Men’ beyond my wildest dreams. Her balance of risk-taking with customary approaches delivered more than I could have hoped for. ‘In Between Men’ looks phenomenal! I speak not only for myself, but for the crew, Director and production team when I say that Jendra is a ‘Lexus’ of Directors of Photography.”
Quincy Morris, Executive Producer and Creator: “In Between Men

“Jendra is sensitive to the standard restraints of the production department’s resources and time line based goals. She is a team player; she understands that choices affect budgetary realities and she plans accordingly in cooperative conjunction with the production team to insure that everyone is in synch with the shared goals of the project.

In working with all department heads from all disciplines, Jendra shows a keen sensitivity to insuring that all voices are heard, within reason, and aids in making sure that the entire team is focused on the direction they need to be on, thus insuring the best use of resources that are available.

Finally, the talent adores her. Be it the principal actors or the background players, Jendra treats them all with the respect they deserve to insure that all performances captured are at the highest possible professional standards and the work is achieved in a fun and comfortable environment.

Without hesitation or equivocation, I heartily endorse Jendra Jarnagin as a world-class director of photography and artist.”
– Matthew Weiner, 1st AD: “In Between Men,” Season 2 and “Box”

“Look, I think there are a lot of talented people out there. Many people can get a great shot; however, for a producer or director racing against the clock, worried not only about the look, but also the feel, content, texture, meaning in a shot, and let’s not forget – COVERAGE – all before the dreaded words from your Line Producer or AD, ‘In 10 minutes we go into a meal penalty’ or ‘we only have 15 minutes left before we go into overtime’ – I want someone on our team who has the ability to do it all… And fast. Jendra Jarnagin is not only a talented Photographer but more importantly for me is that she is a talented “Director” of Photography. She understands our needs artistically and economically and leads her team of crew members with authority and leadership. When she tells me the shot will be ready in 15 minutes, I can count on it.”
– James K. Jones, Producer and Director: “The Wreck”

“There are three categories of cinematographers: Good, Better and Jendra.”

“Film sets are usually rife with specialists concerned only for the results of their own department’s charge. From the moment I first met Jendra, I knew she saw the forest through the trees. You’ll find yourself trusting her implicitly, freeing you to focus on other issues. Jendra makes collaboration fun — the way it should be — because she balances respect, authority and diplomacy with such ease you can’t help but know the final judgment will be the right one for the movie. My trust paid off in spades, because every shot of the film exceeded my expectations.”
– Dan Remmes, Director: George

“Jendra is a joy to work with. She has the heart, passion and ear to understand the director’s vision, and the eye, mind and tenacity to execute it. I love working with Jendra because she knows how to make a set fun and enjoyable while accomplishing the task at hand. I can’t wait to work with her again and anyone who interviews her would be crazy not to hire her.” 
– Brendan Choisnet, Director: StartUP!, La Busqueda, Let Out Letty

“Jendra is an amazing cinematographer. Not only does she have an amazing eye for composition, lighting, and movement, but she is also an amazing diplomat. Film sets can be very stressful places, but with some unearthly talent, she manages not only to hold it together on her end, but to get everyone else on set together to accomplish the ultimate task of “completing the day.” She’s more than just a great DP, she’s an asset to every set.” 
– Meg Schrock, Gaffer: Puppy Love, Split Ends

“Jendra is a force that drives the director’s intangible ideas into the physical world. I have never met someone who can so easily pick up on the essence of a project, bring it into focus, and execute it. She is that rare combination of talent and technical knowledge that makes a project exceed the hopes of even its director. Her professionalism, sense of humor, and pizzazz elevate the environment of any set. In short, she is a joy to work with.” 
– Erin Levendorf, Director: Madison “Radiate” Music Video

“Working with Jendra makes life on set a lot easier. As a producer, I felt like I didn’t need to constantly check up on the progress on set as I knew Jendra was on our side, trying to get the best coverage without wasting time. She is fast, yet efficient. Teamed with her wonderful and knowledgeable crew, Jendra makes the day with time to grab additional coverage. That is something you don’t find all too often in a DP.” 
– Nick Carbonaro, Executive Producer: Acquastrada Inc. (Career Builder commercial, music videos: “Showbread: Mouth Like a Magazine”, “He Is Legend: The Seduction”, “Scraps & Heart Attacks: Don’t F with S”)

“I heartily recommend Jendra. Her professionalism is beyond reproach, I have yet to see her encounter a technical issue she could not resolve immediately and most importantly, she’s fast and very easy to work with.” 
– David Paterson, Producer: Open Air

“Vendors love Jendra, and crew love Jendra. Her connections allowed us to get equipment and staff that our budget could not otherwise have accommodated. Thanks to her, our shoot attained a scope and a level of professionalism we had not imagined was within our reach. Jendra is one of the most upbeat and genuinely happy people I’ve ever met in any business, and just a blast to work with. I would work with her again any time.” 
– Michael McLaughlin, Director: Shadow Puppets of Doom

“I was contacted by several of our ‘Puppy Love’ actors about how great they thought they looked on screen and, although they knew we were working with a limited budget, how taken care of they felt.” 
– Grace Naughton, Co-Executive Producer: Puppy Love

Excerpts from Thank You notes from Actors:

“I just saw ‘The Pond’… Jendra, it looks AMAZING. I could not be more thrilled… It’s my favorite thing I’ve done so far on film. Honest. It was a magical shoot and a magical collaboration and I LOVE the way you film/light/ bring story to life! I can’t wait to work with you again; you rock!”
– Alicia Witt, star of The Pond & Puppy Love: The Rents (Episode 4)

“Your work really shines through this picture – it has such an emotional tenderness to it, and it’s a very ‘warm’ feeling throughout… You really did an amazing job. Thanks again for all your dedication and hard work, and most importantly, you made me feel very comfortable on the set and in front of the camera, (even when I was stuck wearing nothing but red undies!)” 
– Jason Hare, star of Wallsey Pants