Jumping Taj Mahal_


I love adventure.  I feel most alive when I am out of my “comfort zone.”  I have an insatiable hunger for seeing new places and experiencing new things.  I’m hardly ever still.  I can’t relate to boredom because there is always something interesting to be doing.

International travel is a huge priority in my life.   I love people-watching and street photography, and observing and capturing the fascinating nuances in the mundane.  I have a particular fondness for signs and pictograms, as a universal way to communicate with society.

Some of the best days of my life have been spent exploring solo the back streets of Agra, India and wandering the slums of Alexandria in pre-revolution Egypt: connecting and communicating nonverbally with the local people.

I get so lit up viewing the travel photography of others.  I hope to touch and inspire people by sharing my images and ideally to motivate others to have their own adventures.


I briefly travelled to Laos during a "Golden Triangle Tour" of Northern Thailand and Myanmar.  I'd love to go back for a dedicated trip.


I scouted a film I was set to shoot in some villages along the Black Sea Coast.  Unfortunately the project fell apart but it was a great opportunity to see some unique places.


I took a group trip with friends to Real de Catorce, in the high Chihuahuan desert.  There is a one-lane tunnel through a mountain to get into the town.

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