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The Family – Tandem Units – ABC
Directors: John Gray, Andrew McCarthy
Series DPs: James Chressanthis ASC, GSC, Nancy Schreiber, ASC
(Episodes 2, 4, 6)

Get Christie Love – 2nd Unit DP – ABC
Director: Stephen Williams
Pilot DP: Gonzalo Amat, AMC
(Pilot Episode)

In Between Men (Web Series) – Seasons 1 & 2 – Qubed Entertainment
Director: Jennifer Gelfer    Producer: Quincy Morris
WINNER: Best Editing, Indie Soap Awards
NOMINEE: Best Cinematography, Indie Soap Awards
NOMINEE: Best Lead Performance, Best Ensemble, Best Supporting Actor, Best Breakout Performance, Best Guest Performance, Best use of Music, Indie Soap Awards
Series online:

The Carrier (Pilot) – Seven Days Productions
Director: Joe & Tess Smalley    Producer: Joe & Tess Smalley

Yeni Bastan (aka Green Card) – FOX TV (Turkey)
Director: Apo Oguz    Producer: Cenk Yener
(Episodes 3 & 4)

StartUP! (TV Pilot) – Halogen TV
Director: Brendan Choisnet    Producer: Plywood Pictures

Puppy Love, (9 episodes) – A B Baby Productions/L Studio (Lexus)
Director: Multiple Directors    Producer: Grace Naughton
Show Runner: Amy B. Harris
Starring: Famke Janssen, Kristen Johnson, Ally Sheedy, Dan Hedaya
WINNER: Webby Award Honoree, Comedy Series
NOMINEE: Webby Award, Best Writing
OFFICIAL SELECTION: Sundance Film Festival (Episode 8: “Gone to the Dogs”)
Series online:


Little Faith – Tusk Films
Director: Milena Lurie  Producer: Devin Landin
Starring: Ana Giradot, Gregory Fitoussi, Peter Mark Kendall, Jonathan Cake

TRI – Red Zeppelin Productions
Director: Calvin Jai Jamison   Producers: Ted Adams, III, Kimberly Skyrme
WINNER: Runner Up Best Cinematography, NOVA Film Festival
WINNER:  “Film of the Year,” Best Actress, Best Inspirational Film, Best Family/Faith Based Film, Best Local Film, Runner Up Best Feature Film, NOVA Film Festival
NOMINEE:  Best Director, Best Editing, NOVA Film Festival
WINNER: Best Storyline, Boston International Film Festival
WINNER: Best Feature Dramedy, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Atlantic City CineFest

A Bet’s A Bet (international title: The Opposite Sex)
Director: Jennifer Finnigan & Jonathan Silverman   Producer: Chad Verdi & Gino Pereira
Starring: Mena Suvari, Eric Roberts, Kristin Chenoweth, Kenan Thompson

Molly’s Theory of Relativity
Director: Jeff Lipksy    Producer: Nick Athas, Inna Braude
Starring: Sophia Takal, Lawrence Levine, Reed Birney, Rebecca Schull, Cady Huffman

Split Ends – Back Pocket Productions
Director: Dorothy Lyman    Producer: Bob Pusateri
Starring: Vincent Pastore
WINNER: Best Home Grown Feature, Garden State Film Festival
WINNER: Honorable Mention, New Jersey International Film Festival

Jungleland – 4Persons Pictures
Director: Sal Lumetta    Producer: Steve Groff

The Wreck (Additional Photography)- IKM Productions
Director: Jim Jones    Producer: Patrick Moses

#horror (2nd Unit DP)
Director: Tara Subkoff   Producer: Jesse Ozeri
DP: Learan Kahanov

Generation Um (2nd Unit DP)
Director: Mark Mann    Producer: Alison Palmer
Starring: Keanu Reeves
DP: Mauricio Rubenstein


When It all Changed  – PBS Learning Media/Sundance Institute
Sundance New Frontier VR Lab & Oculus Story Studio Lab Project
Director: Sultan Sharrief    Producer: Ben Friedman

Under Armour, Fashion Show for New York Fashion Week with Wirewax shoppable Hot Spots
IKA Productions & Wirewax
Director: Jonathan Jacobson  Producer: Dan Garraway

Box of Light Music Video VR Experience, to promote “Box of Light” music video release
Prod Co: VRVR
Director: Erik Bryan Slavin   VR Producer: Joe Che

The Royal Burlesquerade, (Live Event)
Prod Co: VRVR
Director: Betty Kao   Producer: Joe Che


Your Urge to Breathe Is a Lie – Wood Metal Rocks
Director: Miriam Simun    Producer: Samuel Baumel
Underwater Unit DP

Box – Pacific Hudson Railroad Productions
Director: Chris Dolman    Producer: Don Cummings
Starring: Mink Stole

Into the Rose Garden
Director: Chase Coleman    Producer: Malia Kulp

The Pond – Legion of Eden Productions
Director: Dan Hannon    Producer: Francine DiChiara
Starring: David Morse, Alicia Witt
WINNER: Directorial Discovery Grand Prize, Rhode Island International Film Festival
WINNER: Best Dramatic Short, New Hampshire Film Festival
WINNER: Best New Hampshire Short, New Hampshire Film Festival
DISTRIBUTION: iTunes, Shorts International

Open Air – Arcady Bay Entertainment
Director: Shira-Lee Shalit    Producer: David Paterson
Starring: Lynn Cohen
WINNER: Best Short Film, New Jersey International Film Festival
WINNER: Best Short Film, Appalachian Film Festival
WINNER: Bronze, WorldFest Houston
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 26 Film Festivals Worldwide
DISTRIBUTION: Shorts International

Yard of Blondes – Secret Hideout Films
Director: Sergio Bastani    Producer: Joe Bakhash
WINNER: Best Director, WorldFest Houston
WINNER: Platinum, WorldFest Houston

Amelia – Coyopa Productions
Director: Rich Hoffmann    Producer: Barrett Hawes
WINNER: Best Cinematography, First Run Film Festival

EXIT – Spot Creative
Director: Jamie Duneier    Producer: Rick Edrich
Starring: Tony LoBianco, Jack Scalia, Kassie DePaiva, Santiago Douglas
WINNER: Best Director, WorldFest Houston
WINNER: Platinum, WorldFest Houston
WINNER: Best Director, First Run Film Festival

Shadow Puppets of Doom – Dog in the Machine Productions
Director: Michael McLaughlin    Producer: Kenwyn Dapo
WINNER: Best Production Design, Columbia University Film Festival

A Close Call – William Patterson University
Director: Gina Guerreiri    Producer: Gina Guerreiri
WINNER: US Super 8 Film & Digital Video Festival
WINNER: Bronze, WorldFest Houston

La Búsqueda (The Search) – simplebulldog
Director: Brendan Choisnet    Producer: Chris DeGarmo

Polaroid – Ambition Films
Director: Jason Koffeman    Producer: Melissa McLeanas

Ninja, Please! – Shatter Glass Films
Director: Joe Bakhash    Producer: Ambika Samarthya

George – Sebastian Productions
Director: Dan Remmes    Producer: Mark Tocher

Escape Velocity – Merry Men Productions
Director: Matthew Z. Siegel    Producer: Rita Michel

Let Out Letty – Plywood Pictures
Director: Brendan Choisnet    Producer: Lisa Nann

A Pair Showing – New York University
Director: Tim McLaughlin    Producer: Colleen Patrick

Astronauts Visit New York – Cup of Jo Productions
Director: Joanne Getson    Producer: Eytan Ipeker

The Grannie – Skylight Films
Director: Robbie Fraser    Producer: Amanda Booker

The Big Fall – Treadwater Films
Director: Ali Powell    Producer: Giulia Marletta

An Urban Legend – Childhood Dreams
Director: John D’Aquino    Producer: John D’Aquino

Wallsey Pants – Not So Much Productions
Director: Matthew Simon    Producer: Kayte Boyne

Hurt Me – New York University
Director: Diego Abad    Producer: Ryan Rothmaier

Are You an Antiquer? – New York University
Director: Brent Kinetz    Producer: Brent Kinetz

Cause of Death – New York University
Director: Jessica Piscitelli    Producer: Michelle Filorimo

Crystal Clear – New York University
Director: Paul Dyeak    Producer: Paul Dyeak

The Death of Socrates – Kanalya Pictures
Director: Nancy Kiang    Producer: Natasa Prosenc
(shared credit: 1 of multiple segments)


Shea Moisture: “Shea For Good” – Vayner Media
Director: Shelby Bartelstein  Producer: Britanny Reeber

Gucci Beauty: “Gucci Garden” – Blonde & Co.
Director: Julie Stahl  Producer: Andy Fortenbacher

BOOM! by Cindy Joseph Cosmetics
Director: Jessica Blank  Producer: Ezra Firestone

Canon Promo: “Live Your Light”
Agency: 360i
Director: Jendra Jarnagin  Producer: Carrie Bornstein

Estee Lauder Lipsticks: The Estee Edit – Blonde & Co.
Director: Paz Molina   Producer: Jendra Jarnagin

Maybelline BB Cream: “What is it (with Gabriel Almodovar)” – Blonde & Co
Director: Julie Stahl    Producer: Grey Zisser

Big Waves Big Volume
Director: Sonja Pacho   Hair by Wendy Isles

Hill’s Science Diet and Ideal Balance: “Dog & Cat Foods Campaign” – VML Production Co: T2, Kansas City
Director: J. Palmer Enfield    Producer: Rick Cowan

Marlon Gobel Menswear Fashion Editorial: “Poena Luxuria”
Director: Richard Gerst    Producer: Richard Gerst

Amazon Kindle: “Flying Books” – Lot 49 Films
Director: Alex De Campi    Producer: Eve MacKnight

Crystal Light: Your Beauty – spec
Director/Producer: Anneke Schoneveld

Diet Coke: “Baby You’ve Changed” – Felis Rufus Films
Director: Julia Kots    Producer: Craig DiFolco

J’adore Dior: “Immersion” – Day O Productions
Director: Anura Idupuganti    Producer: Carol Ruthberg

Twix: “Kidnap” – Seaworthy Films
Director: Nick & Ben    Producer: Isaac Wilkins “Cowboy Temp” – Seaworthy Films
Director: Nick & Ben    Producer: Isaac Wilkins “Other Half” – Kulture Machine
Director: Francisco Ordoñez    Producer: Steven Holtzman

Hallmark: “Boss” – Young & Rubicam
Director: J. Palmer Enfield    Producer: Paul Irwin

Mirena Contraceptive (Bayer Women’s Health): “Sisters Campaign” – Red Maiden
Director: J. Palmer Enfield    Producer: Amy D’Alio Mobile: “Application Applicants” – Bob’s Your Uncle
Director: Jason Reilly    Producer: Terrence Williams Mobile: “Phone to Work” – Bob’s Your Uncle
Director: Jason Reilly    Producer: Terrence Williams

The Maury Show: “Promos” – Smash Point Creative Works
Director: J. Palmer Enfield    Producer: Kristen Johnson

Merck Pharmaceuticals: “ Campaign” – RAPP
Director: Jason Reilly    Producer: Jason Reilly

Movie Hatch: “I’m a Producer”
Director: Shira-Lee Shalit    Producer: Lauren Silver

Smart Water: “Black Light” – spec
Director: Steven Holtzman    Producer: Steven Holtzman

Dewars: “Every Sunday” – spec
Director: Matthys Boshoff    Producer: Roland Heart

Callaway Gardens Golf Resort: “Vacationing at the Office” – Catman & Mary Productions
Director: Gregor Clark    Producer: Angela Murphy

Travel Treat: “The Slurrrp” – Fresh Lime Films
Director: Sibte Hassan    Producer: Billy Gregoriadis

Fantas Eyes Sunglasses: – Skylight Films
Director: Robbie Fraser    Producer: Una Hill
(2nd Unit)


Joan as Police Woman: “Damned Devotion” – Robbie Starbuck Media
Director: Alex DeCampi   Producer: Niki Janowski

Lost Children: “Winter’s Song”- Emulsion Pictures
Director: Ryann Thompson   Producer: Rich Joneleit
Underwater Unit DP

Hannah Gill: “Change in Blue” – Robbie Starbuck Media
Director: Alex DeCampi   Producers: Wesley Wingo & Ryan Savini

Liah Alonso: “Box of Light” – Brass Tacks Productions
Director: Stefan Pildes   Producer: Erik Slavin

Joceyln Arndt: “Cinderella” – Whitelake Music
Director: Heidi Phillipsen   Producer: David Bourgeois

Joan as Police Woman: “Holy City” – Robbie Starbuck Media
Director: Alex DeCampi   Producer: Wesley Wingo

Tom Chapin: “You Can Bend” – Autism Speaks
Director: Colleen Davie Janes   Producer: Curt Rosloff

Jim Jones Review: “Shoot First” – 3D Camera Company
Director: Kerric MacDonald    Producer: Mark Bethune
Shot in Stereoscopic 3D

Michael Jackson remake: “Smooth Criminal” – King of Pop Killer
Director: Jendra Jarnagin    Producer: Itsi Atkins
Tribute video as part of the feature film “King of Pop Killer” directed by Dennis Lee

Michael Jackson remake: “Beat It” – King of Pop Killer
Director: Alec Jarnagin    Producer: Itsi Atkins
Tribute video as part of the feature film “King of Pop Killer” directed by Dennis Lee

Sharon Van Etten: “I Do”
Director: Ian Bloom

Locksley: “Why Not Me” – MTV
Director: Riaz Patel    Producer: Sheila Bruzzese

Showbread: “Mouth Like A Magazine” – Tooth & Nail Records
Director: Aquastrada    Producer: Aquastrada

Madison: “Radiate” – Gables Entertainment
Director: Erin Levendorf    Producer: Marty Snyder

Scraps and Heart Attacks: “Don’t F with S” – Triple Crown Records
Director: Aquastrada    Producer: Aquastrada

He is Legend: “The Seduction” – Tooth & Nail Records
Director: Aquastrada    Producer: Aquastrada

Dancin’ in the Streets: “” – Street Beat Productions
Director: Leslie Weinberg    Producer: Leslie Weinberg


The Remix: Hip-Hop x Fashion (Feature) – Cutter Productions
Directors: Lisa Cortes & Farah Khalid   Producer: Hillary Cutter
Shared Credit

Equal Means Equal (Feature) – The ERA Education Project
Director: Kamala Lopez   Producer: Jeff Mueller

Eve Ensler Cancer Survivor Documentary Web Series
Director: Roslyn Dauber

McKinsey Institute: Education to Employment – Darby Films
Director: John-Michael Maas    Producer: John-Michael Maas
Delhi, Mumbai, Bhubaneshwar, & Coimbatore, India

Stop Tuberculosis Initiative – Darby Films
Director: John-Michael Maas    Producer: John-Michael Maas
Lille, France

Education Reform in Lousiana – Darby Films
Director: John-Michael Maas    Producer: John-Michael Maas

Adapting to Climate Change in Papua New Guinea – Darby Films
Director: John-Michael Maas    Producer: John-Michael Maas

Rural Mexico Financial Inclusion Initiative – Darby Films
Director: John-Michael Maas    Producer: John-Michael Maas

Growing Small Businesses in the Developing World – Darby Films
Director: John-Michael Maas    Producer: John-Michael Maas
South Africa & India

Haiti Earthquake Anniversary – Darby Films
Director: John-Michael Maas    Producer: John-Michael Maas

Developing the World’s First Malaria Vaccine – Darby Films
Director: John-Michael Maas    Producer: John-Michael Maas

Lincoln Cars Featurette: “Hometown: Lincoln MKX” – Y&R Team Detroit
Director: J. Palmer Enfield    Producer: Saville Productions
Starring Harry Connick Jr. and Sarah Reinertsen

Pastriology – Rafael Film
Director: Christian Lanazca    Producer: Alexis Krasilovsky
Peru Segment

The Accidental Drag Queen – Dog in the Machine Productions
Director: Michael McLaughlin    Producer: Michael McLaughlin

Women Behind the Camera – Rafael Film
Director: Alexis Krasilovsky    Producer: Alexis Krasilovsky
WINNER: Best Documentary at 11 Film Festivals Worldwide
OFFICIAL SELECTION: 40 Film Festivals Worldwide, Including:
Plus CameraImage International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography

Harlem Dog Run – Morningside Bark
Director: Barbara Leese    Producer: Barbara Leese


Iron Maidens – Killer Films for ITVS
Directors: Vanessa Black & Chloe Hall    Producers: Amber Guyton & Adrienne Becker

Secrets of the Moon Landings (Segment) – National Geographic
Director: James Jones    Producer: Clare Nolan

Grill It with Bobby Flay (Show Open) – Food Network
Director: Lauren Thompson    Producer: Fran Alswang

Short Sighted (First Season) – Halogen TV
Director: Allen Watts    Producer: Tyler Garner

The Armando Diaz Effect (Pilot) – Chicken Scoop Productions
Director: Peter Fernberger    Producer: Dave Maulbeck

Heroes (Hallmark Channel Series) – Jackson Films
Director: Lisa Jackson    Producer: Jeff Weinstock

Blood Red (Discovery Channel Special) – Anatomical Travelogue
Director: Nick Brigden    Producer: Jane Applegate

Agent Emes – Jewish Media Development Center
Director: Leibel Cohen    Producer: Leibel Cohen

Models: New York – Metro Television
Director: Dwight Johnson    Producer: Dwight Johnson


Adobe Creative Impact Project 1324 – Cycle Media
Director: Patrick Weishampel    Producer: Jody Hanger

Overturn Citizens United with Mark Ruffalo – Political Ad
Director: Keith McQuirter     Producer: Holly Mosher

Adidas Ultra Boost Brand Activation – Kamp Grizzly
Director: Haven Anderson    Producers: Kevin Lewis & Nattallie Schiavo

Nest Fragrance 10th Anniversary Series – Blonde & Co
Director: Julie Stahl    Producer: Jennifer Susswein

Juara Skin Care: “Apothecary” Video – X-Ray Counter Propaganda
Director: David Hilbert     Producer: Metta Murdaya

Humira Branded Expert Video – Publicis
Director: Geoff Yoskin     Producer: Catherine Barrett

Blackstone Real Estate Investment Strategy – Martini Caruso Productions
Director: Chris Martini   Producer: Marc Caruso

Cabiria Style Launch Video
Director: Colleen Davie-Janes    Producer: Eden Miller

Frangelico Cooking Webisodes
Director: Tara Milutis    Producer: Tara Milutis

Mylan Pharmaceuticals Training Video – Digitas Health
Director: J Palmer Enfield   Producer: Catherine Barrett

Hewlett-Packard: Trade Show Intro – Fort Productions
Director: Bob Porsche    Producer: Bob Porsche

Marquis Jet: Promo – Totem and Taboo Productions
Director: Bradley Glenn    Producer: Bradley Glenn

Balfour Class Rings Promo – Catman & Mary Productions
Director: Gregor Clark    Producer: Blythe Frank

Working Families Party – Promo
Director:    Producer: Betsy Nagler

Amy Bento Workout Video Series – Talkingbox Digital Media Group
Director: Matt Abourezek    Producer: Trish Dalton

El Baño: (Campus Crusade for Christ, Spain) – Simplebulldog Studios
Director: Chris DeGarmo    Producer: Chris DeGarmo

Dynair Hangar Incident – Rampion Visual Productions
Director:    Producer: Meehan, Boyne & Cohen

CIBC Investments – Raj Cologne
Director: Constantinos Yiallourides    Producer: Amanda Booker