Papua_New_Guinea_kids_My Story:

Some of my earliest memories are about the excitement of going to “Story Time” every week at the library, even before I could read. I grew into an avid bookworm with a vivid imagination, expressing my fascination with science and nature through photography.  Invited to a gifted and talented arts program, I chose video production as my focus, and instantly knew I had found my calling at age 12.  I naturally gravitated toward cinematography as the blend of storytelling and image-making that I always loved.

I developed an “independent study” video program for my high school and was accepted “early decision” to NYU, with no safety school chosen as a back up.  Through working as an electrician and gaffer as a side job for many years, (juicing on TV series and movies such as Sex & the City, Law & Order, The Sopranos, Vanilla Sky, and Analyze That) and then going through a “camera geek” phase where I became internationally renowned as a digital cinema expert and pioneer, I have mastered the technical fundamentals as well as crew dynamics, diplomacy and set politics that allow me to confidently express my vision.

I consider myself a “Director’s DP” and pride myself on my dedication and amount of prep I put into all my projects where I get to develop strong, trusting relationships with my creative team.  By developing a thorough understanding of the story and my director ‘s vision, I am at ease on set, creating a fun atmosphere and working incredibly quickly and freed to be open to new creative possibilities.  I describe cinematography as 1/3 creative, 1/3 technical, and 1/3 leadership, which fits my personality and talents perfectly.

What inspires me most about cinematography is creating beauty.  And beauty doesn’t have to mean that everything is always “pretty,” since I am also attracted to dark and edgy stories.  I find beauty in truth, even when the truth is ugly.  Expressing this truth, through visual storytelling, is my greatest passion.

Some of my favorite projects, accomplishments and adventures include:

  • Travelling to over 25 countries for work and play including Papua New Guinea, (pictured above) Tanzania, Egypt, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Haiti, India, New Zealand, Turkey, UAE, South Africa and Peru.
  • Shooting one of the first professionally produced web series Puppy Love, winner of several Webby Awards, for the writers and producers of Sex & the City.
  • Shooting director Jeff Lipsky’s fifth film Molly’s Theory of Relativity.  It was my first theatrically released feature, and my favorite genre: magical realism.
  • Shooting both seasons of the progressive hit web series In Between Men, that was bought for cable television.  Winner & nominee of many awards, including Best Cinematography, our episodes have millions of views in over 200 countries and heaps of positive press and enthusiastic viewer engagement for countering gay stereotypes in the media.
  • Shooting the hilarious, raunchy comedy A Bet’s A Bet starring Mena Suvari, Eric Roberts, Kristin Chenoweth and Kenan Thompson, and directed by Jonathan Silverman and Jennifer Finnigan.
  • Maintaining a fulfilling, harmonious marriage to one of the best Steadicam and camera operators in the biz.