George Paddock, Inc. PRO 3 HD System:
GPI PRO Donkey Box 3
XCS 2″ Cross-Weaved Carbon Fiber Center Post
XCS Gimbal with Ergo Handle
Cinetronic 2 Monitor
GPI PRO Support Arm (13 to 72 pounds)
Vehicle Mount
Gyro Package
Numerous Accessories

Also Available
Preston FI+Z Wireless Lens Control with HU3
Preston Single Channel Hand Unit (allows DP to pull Iris)
Preston Remote Digital Zoom Control (allows DP to Zoom)
Preston F/X Box (upgraded to 4G)
Teradek Bolt PRO 2000 HD transmitter with (2) full size receivers and (1) Sidekick receiver
Rickshaw for Steadicam, Handheld, Etc.
Custom Lightweight Steadicam (12/24 Volts)
Cinema Products Mini-Worrall Geared Head
Sony F3 Package (inquire for details)
Bartech Focus Unit (available through Abel Cine)
Cooke S4/i Prime Lens Set (18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 75, 100:  available through Abel Cine )